Famous Youtube Music Bot Down Ideas

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Famous Youtube Music Bot Down Ideas. Youtube music outages reported in the last 24 hours. Here are all our commands and what they do!

Connecting to a voice channel Building a discord.py music bot Part
Connecting to a voice channel Building a discord.py music bot Part from www.youtube.com

Youtube is shutting down discord bots that play music videos from youtube. Youtube music bot is a bot which works in all server, just give the youtube video name or just the song name for it to play, you must join a vc aka voice channel to make it work. Discover youtube discord bots on the biggest discord bot list on the planet.

This Chart Shows A View Of Problem Reports Submitted In The Past 24 Hours Compared To The Typical Volume Of Reports By Time Of Day.

Hello everyone, today we sharing you this video who's made with the catbypas's telegram ddos bot, everything you'll see in this video was made some months ag. Now, it appears that rythm ’s number come up: Youtube music is a bot allowing users to listen to their favourite videos and streams via discord.

Youtube Music Bot Is A Bot Which Works In All Server, Just Give The Youtube Video Name Or Just The Song Name For It To Play, You Must Join A Vc Aka Voice Channel To Make It Work.

The search giant has sent a cease and desist to the owners of the popular groovy bot, which lets discord users play music from. Now that the two giant bots are shutting down, this gives the opportunity to many smaller bot developers to find a way to surpass youtube’s policies and avoid a cease and desist. Groovy was the first to be shut down and now, one of its most.

Youtube Is Shutting Down Discord’s Rythm Bot, Just After Forcing The Beloved Groovy Bot Offline.

It is common for some problems to be reported throughout the day. Youtube really doesn’t approve of bots that let people pull music from its platform into social platform discord. This obviously resulted in a huge outrage from regular discord users.

Youtube Music Outages Reported In The Last 24 Hours.

Discover youtube discord bots on the biggest discord bot list on the planet. Google owned youtube recently forced two largely popular music bots groovy and rythm to suddenly shut down. Having recently shut down a popular bot called groovy, now youtube has come for the other big player in the space:

Discord Music Bot Rythm Is Shutting Down After Youtube Issued A Cease And Desist.

Since youtube is shutting down everyone’s favorite bots for monetary purposes, they could at least create their own music bots, preferably without ads, but yeah. A few weeks ago, youtube began shutting down discord music bots for pulling music from youtube and circumventing advertisements. The primary reason behind youtube taking down these music bots is that both bots offer a premium subscription that offers a tad bit of extra features.

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